Croatia’s first National park established in 1949 covers 296.85 km2 of breathtaking natural splendour becoming with it the largest among the eight national parks of the country. Ranging in altitude from 367 m (Koranski most) to 1279 m (Seliški vrh) above sea level. The park was inscribed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1979, in recognition of its “outstanding natural beauty and undisturbed production of travertine (tufa) through chemical and biological action”. The park represents a phenomenon of karst hydrographic.

The park harbours a grand collection of waterfalls, gallery of lakes, forest and diversity of animal life.


Zadar is an ancient city, built in the centre of the Croatian Adriatic, full of historical and cultural monuments. It is three thousand years old, a city of old, tumultuous and dynamic history, often constructed, looted, devastated, every time emerging from the ruins stronger, richer and more beautiful. Zadar appeared for the first time in history in the 4th century B.C. as a settlement of the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians – the name Jader was mentioned, and through history it changed into Idassa (Greek source), Jadera (Roman source), Diadora, Zara (during Venetian rule and later Italian) up to today’s name of Zadar

Asa city-monument it is surrounded by walls, and is a treasure trove of archaeological treasures and monuments from the mediaeval Renaissance periods, as well as many contemporary architectural achievements such as the first Seaorgan in the world.



Departure from meeting point.

Driving to the National Park Plitvice and from blue Adriatic scenery passing to the green mountains of Lika.

Arriving to Plitvice and visiting national park with 16 beautiful lakes and many waterfalls (listed on the UNESCO list of world natural and cultural heritage).

Walking tour with a guide along the wooden paths, winding along 16 enchanting lakes. River Korana creates a miracle of waterfalls, through and over the caves involving you in her magical journey…arriving to the lake Kozjak you would continue on the boat across the water, and then follow the paths of this fairyland towards the lake Prošćansko. An electric train will take you back to the beginning of your adventure.

Driving back to Trogir / Split.

tickets to NP Plitvice,
short boat ride,
tour guide


7:00 – 7:30


10:30 – 15:30

Sightseeing Plitvice lakes with guide

16:30 – 18.30

Free time in Zadar, sightseeing


Return to Trogir/Split

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