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Zipline is an adrenaline entertainment where guests descend through the canyon down the steel wire rope, secured with a belt. Adventure also includes training and a short walk in nature. 

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Rafting on the Cetina river

Rafting on the Cetina river(Omis) – a trip ideal for every generation! You will enjoy the beauties of the river Cetina, you will see the rivers cascades, parts of the river with calm water and rapids of first and second degree of difficulty, waterfalls, cavesand canyons with rich flora and fauna. It is also possible to swim in the river. Safety equipment and insurance included in the price.

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Canoe safari – going down the river in a canoe.

Be a participant of an exciting and attractive meeting with river Cetina. Due to its wilderness and constant rearing this river was called the river Horse in the Ilirian times. Feel the charms of that beautiful and unpredictable Dalmatian river.

It’s necessary to take your bathing suit with you, as well as sports shoes and sandals (it’s not recommended to go barefoot), a towel and clothes you are going to wear after rafting.

We provide the full canoeing equipment – waistcoats, helmets etc.

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Experience a real adventure in the canyon of the Cetina river, which is due to its wilderness, its rearing and timelessness called the river Horse, and enjoy the hidden beauty of its canyon, which can be till 120 m deep.

Explore the 40 m high waterfall “Gubavica” and have a swim in it, without being afraid, because you’re led by people who were born by the canyon and who have spent their whole life there. They know all the charms and dangers, hiding in the canyon.

ImageVisit the deserted Diablo home? Lake placed high in the mountains “Crni kotao”. Enjoy the marvelous relief of the cut rocks and astonishing play of water and stone, which keeps happening all the time.

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Every day of the week you can join us in exploring another part of wonderful sea world. Our excursion programme is based on boat trips to the islands of Brač, Hvar, Šolta and many other beautiful locations along the coastline.These different locations provide you with the opportunity to enjoy wreck diving, reef diving, cave diving and night diving.

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source: Wikipedia
Hiking in Canada and the USA is the preferred term for a long, vigorous walk in the countryside, often on hiking trails, while the word walking is used for shorter, particularly urban walks. On the other hand in the United Kingdom, and the Republic of Ireland, the term walking is used to describe all forms of walking, whether it is a walk in the park or trekking in the Alps.

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Rock climbing

About climbing
Rock climbing is a sport in which the climber uses only its own strenght and endurance, while the gear is there for jour safety.
The route is a line in the mountain,on which you can climb up to a certain point. The routs can be in different hights and difficalty levels.

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