Rock climbing May 1, 2014

Rock climbing

About climbing
Rock climbing is a sport in which the climber uses only its own strenght and endurance, while the gear is there for jour safety.
The route is a line in the mountain,on which you can climb up to a certain point. The routs can be in different hights and difficalty levels.

Basic – 3 hours climbing
Rock climbing is an amazing adventure filled with adrenaline,perfect for everybody.
expect beautifull view on the city of Omiš, the sea and the canyon of river Cetina. all you need is appropriate sportsware and, of course, adventuress spirit. cooperating with your instructor you can climb up to 30m of hight. Variety of different route levels gives you an opportunity to fell like a spider for a while.Working with your instructor and professional gear this adventure becomes 100% safe.

The program starts at 9 a.m. on the climbing area „Planovo“ and lasts up to 3 hours, depending on your fisical abillities. After being introduced to your instructor and basics of climbing you will be supplied with gear which incloudes climbing shoes, a belt and a helmet.
At the end you receive your rock climbing free pictures.